A blustery walk to St Margarets

Hello everyone!

What a turn in the weather it’s been this week, and not for the good. I think winter is almost on it’s way – time to turf out the winter coat, big scarf and wooly mittens.

My day off work this week took me to St Margarets, a quaint village that’s about a ten minute walk from Twickenham. Arriving rather windswept, I wasn’t disappointed.

After seeing a little article in Simply Crochet earlier in the week, on Mrs Moon – a lovely little yarn shop, I was determined to pay them a visit. Upon entering the shop, a rainbow of colours warmly invited me in. The walls of the shop where piled high with different balls and skeins of yarn. I felt a bit like a child in a sweetie shop. It was all a bit too tempting and after much pondering, I treat myself to four yummy balls of Roosters Almerino DK in Glace, Strawberry Cream, Custard and Ocean.

Further along the road, I found the the newly opened and much anticipated – Vintage and Velvet. I popped inside for a quick browse and was met with a treasure trove of vintage homewares – oh dear, more temptation. The first thing I noticed was this wooden printers tray – something I’ve been wanting for ages.

But do I really need one? (Yes I truly think so, what else can I display my ever increasing button collection in). As I’m just about finished window shopping, the lady at the counter says ‘There’s more down the stairs’. Oh dear – I’m now met with a vintage enamelware heaven.

I really really wanted to buy the red folding chairs, the madeleine tray and a pair of the scales. But I contained myself and went with a cute vintage striped towel. It reminds me of the old fashioned striped deck chairs and we actually need towels, so there was justification in buying it – honest!


Another treat further down the road is La Boulangere. A French, family run bakery, where everything is freshly made. I chose a delicious looking brownie (which didn’t last long) and a slice of the spinach and salmon quiche, yum yum.


It’s pretty obvious to say that I already love St Margarets! And …. I’m super happy to be calling it mine and Luke’s (the boyfriend) first home, yay!

After a few stressful weeks of flat hunting, bad flat viewings and very late nights on the laptop, we have finally found the (almost) perfect flat for us, in St Margarets. Which means I’ll be on the move again and in under two weeks, The Barons will be the place we call home 🙂 Our flat is on the top floor of a Victorian period building (something we both wanted to live in) and climbing all the flights of stairs will definitely keep us fit.

Thank you for reading. I’m hoping to get a post up of my latest crafting projects soon, but here’s a sneeky peep for the time being.