A day for firsts…


Happy New Year to everyone! I hope you all had a very merry Christmas as well. I can’t believe mine and Luke’s first Christmas in London is well and truly over, it doesn’t really feel like it even happened – it all went so fast! One minute we were decorating the tree and the next we were chopping it all up to throw away.

This weekend we’ve been on our first outing for the year, to the London Ice Sculpting Festival. Surprisingly it was the London Timeout magazine that led us to something actually interesting – as I dont normally find the magazine or website particularly any good.

So the festival, held over at Canary Wharf, hosts various competitors ‘chiseling’ it out to win first prize, the theme this year being ‘Fabulous Fashion’. It was my first visit to Canary Wharf – so it was quite overwhelming to see the iconic buildings up close and to get a real perspective of them. I thought it was a well picked location for the festival, being in the midst of all these angular, mirrored buildings.

There was some unusual designs, but this was my favourite. It’s a design of a girl holding a bunch of balloons. At first we didn’t quite get how the sculptors would be able to create a bunch of balloons floating in mid air out of ice.

But when we checked it out later on, we realised how… Very clever!

Even though it was freezing, the sun made a bit of a problem for some of the sculptors, their designs were melting slightly only after a few hours in. The American team didn’t even start till late on in the day, to try and avoid the sun. We caught them just as they were precariously lifting another block onto the design. You can just about make out the lower body and legs of their ‘Devil Wears Prada’ design.

Of course, the best part is when they bring out the chain-saws. We hadn’t a clue what this design was, but it was one of the most intricate, compared to 2 teams sculpting high-heeled shoes (not very original!).

There was some good grub on as well – we had chorizo and potato stew, yum yum! We missed out on the masterclasses though, as they where all booked up : (

It would have been good to see the finished results today and find out who won! I only hope they lasted over night. Hopefully we’ll find out about more little gems like this festival.

We finished the night off with a first visit to our local as well – the St Margarets Tavern. I love a good chesterfield and pint of cider!

I’m slightly disappointed today though, for missing out the annual ‘No Trousers on the Tube Day’.

As always, thanks for reading x

P.S. I’m pretty excited to have one of my collars from my Etsy shop be reviewed by a blogger from overseas, yay! I’ll let you know when the post is online : )