I solemnly swear that I am up to no good

Last weekend was spent with friends – the first to stay over since our move. Saturday saw a trip to Notting Hill and Camden Market. The sun even graced us with its presence for most of Saturday and it was at least mild on Sunday. I loved all the antique and vintage shops down Portobello Road (so much lace!), I could have spent hours rummaging around the stalls rammed with nic-nacs; even a little Hornsea Pottery had made it all the way down here.

The highlight of the weekend had to go to ‘The Making of Harry Potter though…

‘When they say every flavour, they mean every flavour.’




Mischief managed…


Greenwich Mean Time


I keep hoping to wake up and sudddenly discover that Spring has arrived, but somehow it never seems to turn up. I’ve seen a few little daffodils popping out, but the weather is generally still pretty miserable. It’s scary how just a few miles down the Thames hundreds of homes are being flooded, but thankfully (with a little help from the Teddington Lock) we’ve been okay here in Richmond.

Amongst all this rain, me and Luke managed to make a couple of trips out to Greenwich. Asking around, a few people said Greenwich was a nice place, but I was surprised when we got there, how seriously nice it is! After a very long journey via three methods of London transport, we made it to Greenwich in just under an hour (makes us realise just how far out we live).

We visited the Royal Observatory, home to the Prime Meridian of the World. Unwillingly parting with our money, we bought the big ticket, getting us into the Observatory, Maritime Museum and the Cutty Sark.


What a pleasant view from the top (after a very steep climb!)


I thought it was pretty tight that you had to pay to get to the point where you can stand on the meridian line to take a picture.

After waiting almost half an hour in the cold to take our pictures, this is the pose Luke came up with – he really wanted to be original. (Stupid kid in the background ruining such a lovely photo)


Here, we clearly weren’t.

The day just whizzed by, so we had to come back a second time to visit the other places. Thankfully the weather was a lot brighter on our second visit.

iPhone1 114
iPhone1 109
iPhone1 120
It’s quite sad that these figureheads are the only surviving part of many ships!

We sampled the Cutty Sark tea and it wasn’t too bad – suppose it should be for the Cutty Sark!

The Greenwich market is pretty amazing as well, especially the food stall. On both occasions we bought the same food we enjoyed it that much! So Greenwich is definitely worth a visit out if you’re ever passing by or wanting to do something a little out of central London.

Oh and it was my birthday the other month, so to celebrate we bought LOBSTER! from Loch Fyne, it’s a small chain, so if there’s one nearby you should give it a try!

iPhone1 096
Luke tried an oyster, which seemed to take 10 minutes for him to eat. Blurgh, not for me!

I had a lovely birthday, felt like I almost had two. Thank you to anyone who sent a card 🙂

This weekend we have friends over and we going to the Harry Potter Studios, YAY! I can’t wait.

As always, thank you for reading 🙂

P.S. Now that we finally have a new laptop, I’m giving my Etsy shop a re-vamp and getting some new items listed!