Chilli Chilli Bang Bang Festival


Last weekend was the Chilli Chilli Bang Bang Festival at Dalston Yard, celebrating all things hot and spicy. Wow, the food was gooood!

WIth nearly 20 food stalls to choose from, we found it really difficult to decide where to try first.

In the end we plumped for the Malaysian beef rendang with a cucumber salad and chilli relish (with a kick) from Sambol Shiok, washed down with our free magherita.

The we swooped in on the Wahaca stall to get a big plate of one of my favourite dishes – mexican pulled pork pibil with pink pickled onions (lots of alliteration in that one). If you ever get the chance to eat at a Wahaca, I’d definitely recommend trying this dish.

We were rather lucky with the queues for Sambol Shiok and Wahaca, so we decided to get stuck in to the massive queue for SmokeStak. I got the rib tips with chipotle barbeque sauce and Luke tried some more pulled pork in a bun with jalapeno coleslaw. And oh wow, it really was worth the wait. I don’t normally choose barbeque food as I really can’t stand the flavour, but Smokestak has really changed my opinion.

In other news, Gloriana was in town on the weekend as well, with a little chap tootling a merry tune on his flute. How quaint!

This weekend, my Mum is round and I’m hoping to try some more barbeque delights from Reg Dog in Clapham.

: ) xx