I wanna be your Ford Cortina


How was everyone’s bank holiday? Our’s was pretty busy and full of some seriously great food! Living in London, you can often forget about some of the great tourist attractions it has to offer. The past few weekends, we’ve caught up on some of the touristy things to do…

The V&A is one of my favourite museums in London, but I’ve never eaten at the cafe… I often think the cafes at museums and galleries can be a bit naff, but I was more than pleasantly surprised at what the V&A had to offer. I think this was the most elegant cafe I have ever eaten in. I’d really recommend eating here if you’re taking a trip to the museums in the area (and I’ve heard the scones are amazing).

As the days merged into one, I can’t remember when we ate at Patty & Bun but oh my, the Smokey Robinson with a side of rosemary salt chips – seriously good! They’ve been open on James Street for a while now, but we stopped off at the recently opened Patty & Bun near Liverpool Street station. We just missed the lunchtime rush, so we managed to get one of the few seats inside – and it was needed, this certainly isn’t a burger you can just eat on the go (as the man sat next to us soon found out after his first bite – all down his lovely work shirt, oops). If you’re ever feeling peckish at Liverpool Street station, you’ve gotta stop off and try one of these bad boys, it’s a real treat!

On Sunday we took a trip round the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Village, which was pretty impressive!


And on other sporting matters, Hyde Park hosted the World Triathlon this Saturday, so we thought we’d pop along to support the triathletes.

I can just about manage 5km, so I have great admiration for these women, to swim 750m, cycle 22km and then run the 5km on top of it, at speed!

My 5km time might not be breaking any records, but I did score big at the Namco arcade, yesss!!

The highlight of the past couple of weeks does have to go to Arctic Monkeys at Finsbury Park. Hands down, it was the best gig I’ve ever been to. Mind – blown!

I’ll be back in Hull in just over a week, I’m really looking forward to some decent fish and chips – with gravy (something London does lack).

See ya! x

P.s. I can now tell you all that Luke has a new job, yippee, so it looks like we’ll be on the move again to North London soon.