Along Came May

May was quite a busy month for us. We seemed to have everyone stay with us, so that gave us a chance to get out and about.

We visited Little Venice for the first time for the Canal Cavalcade, to see lots of lovely decorated canal boats.

We also tried Mother Mash for the first time, which was top notch! I sometimes think there aren’t enough (good) pie eateries in London and being a Northerner, I love a good pie. But Mother Mash was on form – I love the fact that you can choose your mash, pie or sausage and gravy and they even had proper mushy peas : )

Me and my Mum went to Kettner’s for afternoon tea, which was lovely. We had our first try of caviar (which isn’t that amazing), but the scones were definitely the highlight.

Me and Luke managed to complete the Run Hackney Half Marathon, after just 12 weeks of training. It was unexpectedly really hot, which made the running very hard work! I definitely relied on my little bags of Haribo and Lucazade to keep me going.

Finally after months of waiting, Street Feast has finally re-opened at Dalston Yard, and it couldn’t have come soon enough! The fried chicken from Mother Clucker was amazing, specially the fries! Hopefully we’ll be treating ourselves a lot this summer at Street Feast.

We also visited Borough Market, properly for the first time. It was so hard to choose what to eat; it took me many trips up and down the stalls to finally plump for a scotch egg from Scotch Tails. This was my first experience of a ‘posh scotch egg’ and it definitely didn’t disappoint.

The end of May soon came and I was able to take part in the photo-shoot for Miss Patina’s AW15 Campaign. It was cool to get a chance to see the work that goes on to create a campaign and we even had a little cat join us : )

We’re already well into June and I’m so excited to be going on holiday next week, can’t wait!



New Year, New Job!

So hello everyone, it’s been a while!

Yes we are still alive here in London and things are going well. Quite well this year infact….

I’ve been completely quiet on here for a while, since moving for the third time in London finally wore me out a bit. And then things hadn’t exactly been going smoothly; like the fact it took us nearly 3 months to get the internet (yes, in this day and age can you believe it!) and lots of boring things to do with the electric and gas. So up until December, we’d pretty much lost all faith in humanity. It’s hard to believe that we’ve been living here in Dalston for over 6 months now – the time goes so fast!

On the upside though, we are finally getting over some of the teething problems in the flat and it’s really starting to feel like a home! Our new flat is still quite small, but it does the job just fine for me and Luke. The best part is we actually have a balcony – ah precious outdoor space! Normally outdoor space is a bit hard to come by in our budget, so we are really lucky to have a little area to eat and drink outside and hopefully grow some vegetables this summer. With us moving in towards the end of Summer, we haven’t yet had all that much chance to use it, but it is so nice being able to have a pizza and a drink out there on an evening. Even though there is a truly terrible jazz band that practices most nights just outside. I know jazz is meant to be funky and that – but I’m talking about one bum note after the other! There is a busker though, that plays his saxophone round the corner which is nice, even if his repertoire only consists of about two songs.

We just nicely live opposite the tube station as well, which makes it really handy for me to get to work and for us to travel around.

It’s been really exciting buying our own furniture (and pricey). We managed to make some really good finds at the Vintage Furniture Flea /  in Bethnal Green. We love our foldable formica table and little retro coffee table.

Biggest thing was the sofa – it had to be perfect. We really wanted a retro/scandinavian style sofa, but they aren’t really that comfortable, so we settled with a nice mustard number from Cargo.

I also found some beaten up old school chairs in a charity shop for a tenner, so I gave them a bit of love and dip-dyed the legs.

Another of my projects was our lamp, which I found for free; Gave it a good spray paint and I think it looks quite good. Saved us about £50 as well!

My newest project is my craft table, which I finally bought the other week, so now I have a lovely little craft corner to work in. We painted the trestles and I think it looks quite fun now!

Best news is that I finally have a new job, wahoo! And I have finally left libraries – I thought I’d be working in a library forever. . I’m now working at Miss Patina, a brand that I really love so I’m really excited to be joining them. It’s a bit scary though, seeing as though I’ve wanted to work in fashion for so long now; so it finally feels like I’m getting somewhere. And it’s be my first ever job were I don’t have work weekends, yay!

Me and Luke are also taking part in Run Hackney, a half marathon around Hackney and the Olympic Village. I’m really nervous and this is the biggest challenge we’ve ever set ourselves, but we’re both really looking forward to it. It’s in May if anyone fancies coming along to cheer us on and we’ll get a donation page set up if anyone would be kind enough to sponsor us 🙂

Frances x

See you later Richmond. Hello Dalston!


So I’ve been kind of quiet on here for a while.

Not to say that we haven’t been getting out and about…


London is so pretty on a night, a walk across Waterloo Bridge on an evening is a must!

Of course there has been food as well. On our travels looking at flats, we were able to try out a couple of new places. I took Luke to TooTooMoo in Crouch End.

We tried Rossopomodoro in Camden – that was some seriously good pizza!

And we stumbled across the Red Dog Saloon in Hoxton.153
Since deciding to move, the flat hunting seemed to take over for quite a while. It almost becomes an obsession, wanting to constantly check to see if the perfect flat becomes available. But after viewing nearly 15 flats, we’ve finally found the ‘one’! All things going to plan, we’ll be soon on the move to Dalston.

So for the third time in a year and the second for Luke, we’ll be moving digs next month and we can’t wait. So far everything has been going to plan, the flat is brand new, it’s unfurnished so I can finally start buying some cool retro furniture and it even has a balcony, yes!! I’m looking forward to growing some plants and herbs and Luke’s looking forward to the record shops, so we’re both sorted.

See you later Richmond, hello Dalston 🙂