So July saw us taking our first proper holiday together in Italy and the first in like 4 years; so it was a well overdue break. It was so nice to relax for once and forget about everything.

There’s a lovely little cove that not many people stay on, so this was our first stop of the holiday. We always went to the local shop for sammies and crisps – in the end they knew Luke’s order by heart.

The trek was a bit tough going, especially in the heat – but it’s well worth the hard work. After all the running we’ve been doing I expected it to be a little easier – but apparently not!




One day we took a massive walk up into the mountains – the view was amazing. As always we took sammies and crisps, but the ants kept hassling us.

I love all the little pink and yellow houses, with all the washing hung out to dry.

Luke thought he’d try to keep the drinks cool in the sea – but it just didn’t work. The lemonade ended up being really hot, yuck!




We celebrated Luke’s 23rd birthday whilst we were away, so I treated him to a bottle of limoncello and lots of prawns!

And here’s Luke sporting his trendy trainers!

And again!



The village we stayed in – San Nicola Arcella was so pretty and quaint! Walking around it was so peaceful in the day.

Obviously there was lots and lots of good food! I couldn’t believe how cheap everything was, especially the wine. Vino and bianco where obviously the first words for us to pick up in Italian!

Surprisingly I only had gelato twice : ( But when we did – it was amazing!! Our favourite was a place in Praia A Mare, but everytime we walked passed, they still always seemed to be setting up. My favourite being pistachio, yum yum!

The walk up and down to the beach seemed to resemble a scene out of Jurassic Park; bit dodgy and steep!

I became obsessed with bruschetta, topping it with real mozzerella and basil! We tried buffalo mozzerella for the first time as well, which was so good; much better than the normal stuff.

Whilst waiting for the bus to Praia A Mare, we somehow managed to hitchhike ourselves a ride; whilst also managing to loose Luke’s phone along the way in the car. Luckily the guy was very nice and he brought the phone back to us, phew!


We also managed to spend one day in Naples before we flew back. I was so surprised how busy Naples was. I think London is busy, but wow – it’s absolutely bonkers! The historic buildings where amazing and the churches were so spectacular. Shame I couldn’t say the same about the streets.

We’ll definitely be back next year!

Since we’ve been back, it’s been all change for me. I accepted a new job with Warehouse, still in wholesale. I’ve been there for almost a month now and it’s great! I’m able to walk to work and run back from work almost every day, saving me a an absolute fortune in travel costs : )

Ciao x