June was a fairly quiet month to start off with for us, as we had to lay a bit low before our holiday.

As Luke’s been doing a pedometer challenge at work, we’ve been taking more walks around the area, which has given us a chance to get to know it better. It’s so lovely walking along and around Regent’s Canal when it’s quiet!

And we keep managing to find a few cats along the way; we’re so tempted to just bring one home with us : (

I’ve finally planted up some flowers, herbs and some little trees on the balcony and it’s looking a lot more cheery now. We’ve even had a few peas sprout and a few courgette flowers. Maybe we’ll have a mini harvest this year!

We also went to see Eagles of Death Metal at Koko in Camden. It was a pretty fun gig and I think the coolest I’ve ever been to. Iggy Pop, Miles Kane and Alex Turner, to name a few, where seen in the crowd!

And of course there was a little bit of good food as well; at work we tried the local street food venue – Vauxhall Street Food Garden. I had a chimichanga beef wrap and it was delicious : )

Ciao x